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Holmes Institute Mission
Holmes Institute’s Mission is to prepare spiritual leaders for service in the global community.

Holmes Institute Goals
In support of our mission our goals are to:

1.  Provide a quality distance academic program to ministers in training who are capable of benefiting from ministerial study.

2.  Provide comprehensive support services to help students achieve their personal, voca- tional and academic potential.

Holmes Institute Objectives
The institutional objectives are singularly focused on Consciousness Studies; they are to prepare students to be able to successfully:

I. Evaluate, adapt and apply theories and practices in the fields of Education, Leadership, Philosophy, Science, Psychology and Religion to facilitate spiritual development in self and others, and develop an awareness of the function of spiritual community in human develop- ment.

II. Analyze, apply and practice the values of a spiritual leader, including the development of personal and community vision and the fostering of congruence through the teaching and practice of the values that flow from that vision.

III. Assess, apply and adapt world cultural and spiritual traditions to bring a global spiritual perspective to the challenges and opportunities of contemporary individual and community spiritual life.

Masters of Consciousness Studies Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of their studies, graduates will be able to:

A. Adapt and apply fundamental theories and practices in
1.  Education
2.  Leadership
3.  Philosophy
4.  Science and Spirituality
5.  Psychology
6.   Religion